Jimmy Eat World - Crush (Atlanta, 6/1/1999)

I have a crush on this song alright.


"t’s been way too long since I’ve crossed the Verrazano-Narrows"

Vinnie Caruana - It’s Been Way Too Long
from the Bridge and Tunnel OST

He is too much.

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Fluorescent Adolescent - Arctic Monkeys (Acoustic Cover)

I remember when “Favorite Worst Nightmare” at one point was the biggest thing in the world.

Guts - House of Cards (Live Music Video)

Incredible band, jeez.


Like a lightning bolt, it hit me.

The Movielife are still one of my favorite bands.





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Still have merch I dont need.

Found some stuff I don’t need they need a home, homie! Shipping everywhere.

Man Overboard – Before We Met : A Collection Of Old Songs 12” – Oxblood Swirl (first pressing) /200 – Lost Tape Collective – £12.00
Elliott – False Cathedrals 12” – Revelation Records - Black - £11.00 
Wrestling /Champion’s League – Black 7” – £4.00
Taking Meds – Yellow 7” - £4.00
The Movielife – RARE Jamestown EP (first pressing) – Orange 7” - £25.00
Roam – Head Down EP – Bronze /100 with limited Roam bulb and rose Printed Graphic 15/40 7” - £20.00
I Call Fives – Someone That’s Not You EP (first pressing) – Maroon 7” /500 - £5.00

The Directive – LARGE Navy Blue Shirt w ‘From The Ground Up’ Print - £7.00
Last Call – LARGE Grey w “Dog Years” Print – £7.00
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Jejune – Junk (Big Wheel Recreation Records) - £12.00
Fairweather – If They Move Kill Them (Equal Vision Records) - £3.00
Homegrown – Kings Of Pop (Drive Thru Records) - £3.00
The Directive – I Hope This Helps (Self release) – £6.00
Northstar – Pollyanna (Triple Crown Records) – £4.00
Northstar – Is This Thing Loaded (Triple Crown Records) - £3.00
Last Call – Dog Years (self release) - £6.00
The Starting Line – Say It Like You Mean It (Drive Thru Records) - £5.00
Bonehouse – Self titled EP - £3.50
Run For Cover Records – 2013 Summer Sampler - £2.50
Man Overboard “The Human Highlight Book” - £7.00

The Chelsea Kills – Pulp Culture – Yellow cassette (first pressing) (Fleeting Youth Records) – £3.50
Hot Damn – This Weather Makes It Feel Like Home – White cassette 11/30 - £4.00

Just send me an ask.

Bitt will fit.

Earlier today I had the misfortune of being involved in one of the saddest conversations with one of my longest friends. The matter wasn’t extremely grave when put into context of importance in years to come exactly but it would prove to be a obstacle for him.

It was in my room and I had already grew annoyed by the sight of my four walls throughout the day but the fact that they housed this solemn conversation just affirmed my distaste. I was sitting on the floor watching him sit on the side of my bed with his hands married together for his own personal support. I already knew what the source of sadness was. A cliched sense of dread around circumstances of mutual knowledge of an impending doom had seeped in through my open door. I tried to put on a facade to suggest I wasn’t grief stricken as he was, show him the (false) image of someone without a care in the world (I ended up endlessly scrolling on the same page on my laptop screen), show him the image of someone determined to freight train through all the excess of the adult world that threatens to paint our pre-adult lives in blotched spots of black, but like I said it was just a facade. I was just as concerned.

ahhh today man :(


September 13th 1998, Lauryn Hill started a five week run at No.1 on the US album chart with ‘The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill.’



Our Bovine Public - The Cribs (Acoustic Cover)